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      Are you looking for high-quality engraving materials for laser and rotary machines? Look no further! Gravotech manufactures premium quality materials, well known for their cap and color consistency, UV stability*, and sheet flatness. Your peace of mind is our goal. No matter what your application is, our consumables are designed to deliver consistent results for every job. Explore our engraving plastics, metals, supplies, cutters, and more!

      For over 80 years, engraving has been our passion. We pride ourselves in trailblazing the new technologies in both engraving machines and materials. Have a specific signage project that requires customization? Not a problem. Contact our team today at 800.843.7637 and we will make it happen.


      We have a wide variety of engraving plastic for indoor applications, from signage to labels. We also offer ADA Braille solutions for all your accessibility signage needs. Need custom engraving plastic? No problem! Contact our customization team today at 800.843.7637.

      The most versatile plastic material on the market
      An indoor/outdoor acrylic material for upscale architectural signage
      An indoor/outdoor engraving material for laser and rotary applications
      A perfect material for all indoor and outdoor applications
      An indoor material for ADA compliant Braille and tactile signage


      Have an outdoor signage project coming up? We have just the right plastic for you. Check out our UV stable engraving materials below.

      A unique, versatile outdoor acrylic material for rotary engraving
      A perfect outdoor engraving material for ADA compliant signs.
      A premium material for industrial applications.
      A perfect material for all indoor and outdoor applications.
      A high-quality brass for outdoor applications


      Metallic engraving materials are here to bring a modern twist to years of engraving tradition. Cost-efficient, easy to work with, and ready for your creativity, Gravotech's metallic consumables for laser and rotary engraving machines are well known around the globe. Discover for yourself!

      A lightweight brass for laser and rotary engraving
      An ideal metallic product for laser engraving and high-end look for your signage
      A combination of aluminum surface and phenolic core
      A high-quality brass for outdoor applications
      An ideal metallic product for laser engraving and high-end look for your signage


      We offer a wide range of engraving cutters suitable for a variety of engraving machines and applications. Explore our OneCut and TwinCut options below. Not sure which engraving cutter is ideal for your upcoming project? Contact our customer service team at 800.843.7637, and we will help you! We also provide a cutter sharpening service (732.899.4885) to ensure you maximize the life of every engraving cutter your purchase.

      for cutting and engraving with rotary machines
      Cutting Tip Insert
      wide angel cutters for soft metal
      Carbide cutters
      Diamond Cutter


      Keep your engraving project running smoothly with Gravotech's cleaning and lubrication supplies. Add some color with engraving paint and foil. Shipped straight from Duluth, GA, high-quality engraving supplies are just a click away. We also offer signage frames, directories, badges, labels, and much more. Looking for something specific? Contact our customer service team at 800.843.7637.

      The indispensable fixing adhesive for your daily jobs
      Engraving Gel
      Cermark metal marking pastes
      Designed to blacken fine engraving
      Color fills add an extra pop of color to most any sign